Cupped Hands Planter Pot, Plant Decorative Garden Decor


Beautifully hand crafted hand planter pot made with plant based plastic allowing it to come in a beautiful selection of colors. This hand pot can serve you by showcasing large airplants, small succulents and house plants. It can also be used as a catch all container for jewelry, keys, and more. Enjoy this unique and stylish planter in your kitchen, dining area, bathroom, office, and more where it will be the statement piece you are looking for!

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  • MEASURES 8.75 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, 3.75 inches tall
  • UNIQUE COLORS FOR A STATEMENT PIECE, colors can come from a contemporary marble to a statement gold, whichever color fits your decor
  • FEATURES A DRAINAGE HOLE, to reduce the risk of root rot and to help grow healthy plants and succulents
  • HANDMADE, right here in the Midwest


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